Company Overview

An Expert of UV LED Technology
VioLED, a professional high quality UV LED supplier, we design, develop, manufacture and distribute high power UV LED components & device since 2007,

We supply high performance UV LED with every spectral wavelength from 365nm to 430nm. Due to excellent characteristics, our products are now widely used in various industries over 30 countries around the world .

We provide standard
through-hole high optical power output UV LED LAMP in round type & cylinder type. We also provide high performance UV LED EMITTER in Lambertian type to meet the best requirements of customers. 

We support to design, to develop and arrange the assembly of different UV LED devices such as UV LED BULB & UV LED TUBE to make diversified Options. Various packages with different wavelengths are now available.

Customer Delight
We are constantly expanding our UV product line to deeper wavelengths. We are also continuingly testing higher performance packaging raw materials for the best efficiency and reliability. No matter your requirement is for our standard products or custom made products, small quantity trial run or mass-production, we are committed to support our valued customer with the best quality & competitive prices.