UV LED LAMP Lineup & Datasheet

UV LED LAMP, special UV resistant resin mold packaged, provides high-power output and superior cost performance. Every spectral wavelength from 365nm to 430nm & various kinds of package sizes from 3mm round type, 5mm round type to 5mm cylinder type are available.
Dia. 3mm 5mm
Package Type Round Round Cylinder
Viewing angle 20° 15° 90°
Series λρ Range Part Number
Data Sheet
370nm 365nm~375nm 370-3R20 370-5R15 370-5C90
380nm 375nm~385nm 380-3R20 380-5R15 380-5C90
390nm 385nm~395nm 390-3R20 390-5R15 390-5C90
400nm 395nm~405nm 400-3R20 400-5R15 400-5C90
405nm 400nm~410nm 405-3R20 405-5R15 405-5C90
410nm 405nm~415nm 410-3R20 410-5R15 410-5C90
415nm 410nm~420nm 415-3R20 415-5R15 415-5C90
420nm 415nm~425nm 420-3R20 420-5R15 420-5C90
425nm 420nm~430nm 425-3R20 425-5R15 425-5C90
430nm 425nm~435nm 430-3R20 430-5R15 430-5C90

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